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Everyone wants to save money on groceries, but who has the time to sort through all the different weekly sales flyers to see what's on sale and which store has the best deals on what you need?  And oh by the way, is there a coupon available for that?

At ikonomo, we believe in saving you money on groceries with as little effort as possible.   ikonomo strives to be your single personalized shopping list tool for comparing grocery prices, sales and coupons across Colorado grocery stores. Ikonomo makes it quick and easy for you to create a shopping list and find the store with the lowest total bill for your list.  You can also browse deals and print online coupons automatically with your list.

We align what you need to the best prices in real time.  Your shopping list changes continually as do prices, sales and coupons.  We keep track of all this for you; to help you save the most.  


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Ikonomo was founded by a savvy team of price comparison enthusiasts in Denver, Colorado with the vision of developing a personalized grocery store adviser service that tells people the best place to shop for their weekly groceries to maximize their savings (with or without coupons).  Each week, the ikonomo price warriors capture the weekly sales flyers into their proprietary system, calculate a savings against the base price, match any available coupons and then validate base prices and unadvertised sales in stores to give you the most up to date savings information possible.


Eva Vasilas Fry, Founder and COO

Eva Vasilas Fry co-founded ikonomo in 2010.  She is responsible for customer engagement, operations and marketing.  Her prior experience includes 15 years of operations, customer engagement marketing, and new product development and management for a fortune 500 telecommunications company.  She is a mom of three, does all the grocery shopping for their family and created ikonomo for moms like herself to be able to save money on groceries without extreme couponing tactics but by simply knowing the best place to shop and how to plan meals around deals.  She co-authored a cookbook and is proficient in the kitchen and in finding the best deals at the grocery store.   Eva received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University and an MBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

Gregory Fry, Founder 

Founder Gregory Fry brings over 20 years industry experience and proven leadership to ikonomo. Prior to co-founding ikonomo, Gregory held various positions in telecommunications and technology companies including sales, finance, operations and pricing.  Greg received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado and an MBA from Georgia State University.

In addition to the management team, ikonomo works with several fantastic web developers who are responsible for the technology and coding of the ikonomo infrastructure and site as well as savvy price warriors who are responsible for confirming sale and coupon match-ups, and the data integrity of base prices across the major Colorado retailers. 

ikonomo - one who economizes, or spends money wisely